Action plan for youth empowerment and employment: Boosting opportunities for young people

Project documentation | 19 November 2015
This Action Plan is based on the findings from that study and was guided by the policy pronouncement made in the above mentioned speech and President Sata's address to the International Labour Conference in Geneva, in June 2012 under the theme: “Promoting Decent Work for Young People”.

The strategy underlying the Action Plan is also reflective of the recommendations from the 2006 National Youth Policy, the orientation of the strategy for growth and job creation initially stated in the 2013 Budget Speech. This is further elaborated in the Revised Sixth National Development Plan (RSNDP), the operationalization of the Rural Industrialization Strategy, and other pertinent materials, such as the International Labour Office, The Youth Employment Crisis: A Call for Action. Resolution and Conclusions of the 101st Session of the International Labour Conference, Geneva, 2012.