Youth Employment in the CIS - 5th regional network meeting in Sochi, Russian Federation

On 13-17 October 2015 the city of Sochi, Russian Federation will host the fifth meeting of the Youth Employment Network members within the framework of the project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS” implemented by the ILO Moscow Office in partnership with Russian oil company LUKOIL. This event will bring together tripartite participants from each of the nine network countries1  as well as representatives from the three Russian regions targeted under the “Partnerships for Youth Employment” project.

The CIS countries are facing similar youth employment challenges as a result of continuing economic hardships. ILO “Partnerships for Youth Employment Project in the CIS” project aims to support the Governments and social partners in the CIS in their search for good practices and models promoting job creation and youth employment. As part of the project, the ILO Moscow Office conducts Peer Reviews on youth employment in nine countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where participating countries review and assess each other’s youth employment policies, thereby promoting cross-country cooperation and sharing good practices. The objective of these peer reviews exercises is to produce recommendations that will be endorsed by the members of the network, followed by discussions at country level leading to the adoption or revision of policies and programmes.

The meeting will present the results of the third peer review round, which took place in Azerbaijan in September 2015 with the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan as the reviewing countries. Furthermore, good practices on youth employment from the countries of the sub-region will be presented during the event in order to promote knowledge-sharing. One more component of the agenda will include validation of the toolkit on conducting peer reviews by the tripartite constituents. Finally, the meeting will include capacity building sessions on the analysis of the labour market information.

The conference will enhance the capacity of Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services in the countries of the sub-region to design, implement and evaluate policies and programmes for youth employment. Specifically, it will provide an opportunity to:
  • Increase knowledge on the collection, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of labour market information.
  • Elaborate and share policy and programme tools, as part of a toolkit on what works on mutual learning on country peer reviews of youth employment policies and programmes.
  • Strengthen bilateral cooperation between countries with similar youth employment challenges.
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1 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan