Taqeem Council for evaluation in youth employment


Taqeem (meaning “evaluation” in Arabic) is a support programme of the International Labour Organization and Silatech whose goal is to increase effectiveness of youth employment and enterprise interventions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through improved results measurement and evaluation practices. Accordingly, Taqeem’s work is delivered over three iterative and interlinked components: (i) capacity development, (ii) impact research and (iii) policy influence on youth employment.

Taqeem Council

In 2014, the ILO established the Taqeem Council on evaluation for youth employment to provide strategic advice to Taqeem and assist in achieving its objective. The Council is central to the aim of developing capacity to produce and use sound M&E, impact research, and evaluation evidence in the MENA region. This is achieved by involving both local and international evaluation institutions and youth employment experts as members in the Council and by creating knowledge sharing modalities through online, virtual and face-to-face platforms. The mission of the Council is to provide a strategic role to the Taqeem project on capacity development, production and dissemination of impact evaluation research on youth employment issues in the MENA region. 

Member institutions

The Taqeem Council is a network of research and academic institutions and donor agencies that aim to improve labour market conditions of young people in the MENA region through capacity development on monitoring and evaluation, impact research and evidence-based youth employment programming and policy making. The ILO serves as the Chair of the Taqeem Council which is convened on a monthly basis. The Taqeem Council includes the following institutions: