Youth guarantee: A response to the youth employment crisis?

The International Labour Organization (ILO), the Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament and the Youth Intergroup of the Italian Parliament are organizing a seminar on Youth Guarantees to be held at the Italian Parliament in Rome on March 24.

The seminar will analyse the main features, the costs and benefits as well as the possible impacts of the Youth Guarantee programmes in the different EU countries.

In April 2013, the European Council adopted the Youth Guarantee Initiative which requires member States to rapidly carry out measures to provide young people under 25 with a good quality offer of employment, training, apprenticeship or work placement, within their fourth month of unemployment.

A press conference will be held the same day at the press conference room of the Italian Parliament.

For more information, please contact the ILO Office for Italy and San Marino at: +39/066784334 - 066794950 or