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ILO Trade Related Technical Assistance

Resource list | 10 February 2011

ILO trade related technical assistance helps countries to maximize the benefits of trade and FDI policies in terms of quantity and quality of jobs. ILO activities in this field are strongly evidence based and rely on relevant research conducted by ILO often in collaboration with other international agencies. Most ILO trade related technical assistance takes place under the umbrella of the UN CEB Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity.

Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Trade on Employment

The project aims to support the analysis and formulation of effective and coherent trade and labour market policies that address the adjustment challenges that workers and employers face and expand opportunities for the creation of decent employment in developing countries.

Duration: February 2009 - January 2013
Regions and countries covered
: Global; Benin; Guatemala; Bangladesh; Indonesia
Unit responsible
: Employment
: David Cheong, ED/EMP, +41-22-799-7315
: Decent work, employment, labour market, globalization, income, trade, gender

Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED)

STED is a methodology developed by the ILO that provides strategic guidance for the integration of skills development in sectoral policies. It is designed to support growth and decent employment creation in sectors that have the potential to increase exports and to contribute to economic diversification.

Duration: Open ended
Regions and countries covered
: Global; Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan,Macedonia, Ukraine.
Units responsible
: Trade and Employment Programme; Employment Skills Department;
: Marion Jansen, ED/EMP, +41 22 799 7504;
: Decent work, employment, skills, trade, diversification

Enhancing Sustainable Tourism, Clean Production and Export Capacity in Lao

In the context of this SECO funded project, ILO provides trade related technical assistance in selected Least Developed Countries together with partner agencies of the UN Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity. This project is currently in its inception phase in Lao.

Duration: 2011-2014
Regions and countries covered
: Laos PD, up to 5 additional LDCs tbd.
Units responsible
: Employment, Regional Office Bangkok
: Bolormaa Tumurchudur-Klok, ED/EMP, +41 22 799 6241
: Trade, diversification, decent work

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ILO Trade Related Technical Assistance


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