Employment Working Papers
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Employment Working Papers

  1. An anatomy of the French labour market: Country case study on labour market segmentation

    Thomas Le Barbanchon, Franck Malherbet

    Employment Working Paper No. 142

  2. Disabled beggars in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Nora Groce and Barbara Murray with Marie Loeb, Carlo Tramontano, Jean Francois Trani and Asfaw Mekonnen

    Employment Working Paper No. 141

  3. The Philippines Employment Projections Model: Employment targeting and scenarios

    Souleima El Achkar Hilal, Theo Sparreboom, Douglas Meade

    Employment Working Paper No. 140

  4. Globalization, employment and gender in the open economy of Sri Lanka

    Naoko Otobe

    Employment Working Paper No. 138

  5. Towards more inclusive employment policy making: Process and role of stakeholders in Indonesia, Nicaragua, Moldova and Uganda

    Claire Harasty, Zulfan Tadjoeddin, Mikhail Pouchkin, Gijsbert van Liemt

    Employment Working Paper No. 137

  6. How not to count the employed in developing countries

    Nomaan Majid

    Employment Working Paper No. 136

  7. Local governance and the informal economy: Experiences in promoting decent work in the Philippines

    Reginald M. Indon, Sandra O. Yu

    Employment Working Paper No. 135

  8. Employment Protection and Collective Bargaining: Beyond the deregulation agenda

    Sandrine Cazes, Sameer Khatiwada, Miguel Malo

    Employment Working Paper No. 133

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