Assessment of public employment services and active labour market policies in Rwanda

EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 232

This report on Rwanda examines the provision of employment services in the country by analysing the institutional, policy and legal frameworks. Rwanda has made significant efforts to coordinate the implementation of Active Labour Market Programmes through the establishment of the National Employment Programme in 2014, with an elaborate institutional coordination framework, within which, among other things, seven ministers are collectively accountable for the programme. However, the Public Employment Service is still at a fledgling stage, with only two centres in operation, and there is a lack of clear conceptual and organizational framework that would ensure coordination of the system. A number of specific recommendations are offered to the Government and constituents for the improvement of the PES. It is hoped that the implementation of these recommendations will kick start a long-term process of strengthening the employment service and ALMP provision as part of the national strategy to achieve the ambitious employment goals set out in the National Development Plan.