Mongolia – The enabling environment for sustainable enterprises and a framework for SME growth and development

Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 12

In June 2007 at the International Labour Conference (ILC) a tripartite general discussion on the promotion of sustainable enterprises took place. The Conclusions to this discussion identified, among other things, 17 pillars for an environment conducive to the promotion of sustainable enterprises. The first part of this report is based on these conclusions. It analyses how the country performs with respect to a set of indicators corresponding to each pillar, with the aim of assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the enabling environment for sustainable enterprises and employment in Mongolia both over time and in comparison to other countries.
Promoting sustainable enterprises calls for the strengthening of the institutions and governance systems which nurture enterprises. Strong and efficient markets need strong and effective institutions. Promoting sustainable enterprises is also about ensuring that human, financial and natural resources are combined equitably and efficiently in order to achieve innovation and enhanced productivity.