e-formalization - country case study

Is e-formalization possible in Peru?

This document discusses a new opportunity for public policy: the use of technologies for formalization. Thus, e-formalization refers to the use of new technologies and digitalization in public initiatives, programmes and policies to facilitate the transition to formality. It is important to highlight that during COVID-19 the digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies have been stepped up, meaning that e-formalization appears to be a versatile and useful alternative in the current context.

So, the question is simple: Is it possible for the Peruvian public sector to take advantage of the digitalization boom, which has also been driven by COVID-19, to push formalization forward? To answer this, the report first analyses the formalization policies implemented, then reviews the digitalization policies in place, and finally it describes some initiatives that could be called e-formalization. It concludes by proposing a possible agenda for discussion to promote an intensive formalization process in the use of new technologies.