ILO Survey Report on the National Initiatives to Promote Quality Apprenticeships in G20 Countries

This report presents the main findings of the ILO survey on national initiatives to promote quality apprenticeships in the G20 member states. It was conducted between September and December 2017 as an ILO initiative to take stock of and widely share good practices in this area.

The ILO survey was designed to document initiatives and promote knowledge-sharing with a view to facilitating social dialogue on skills development, particularly on quality apprenticeships. The socio-economic contexts in which apprenticeship training takes place vary from country to country. Hence the national initiatives presented in the report may not be directly comparable. It is important to note that the aim of the survey was not to describe the differences among apprenticeships systems nor to make an international comparison of apprenticeship promotion efforts. It is thus beyond the scope of this survey to compare and gauge the effectiveness of policy interventions and actions taken by the ILO’s tripartite constituents.