Second meeting of the Policy Working Group (PWG) in Egypt

News | 08 May 2023
The Policy Working Group of the EU-funded Mainstreaming Employment into Trade and Investment (METI) concluded its second meeting in Cairo, Egypt, on 8 May 2023. Chaired by Dr. Reham Rizk, Head of the Modelling Unit at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, it brought together 20 policy makers from relevant government ministries, representatives from the social partners, specialized national agencies, and civil society organisations.

Following the 1st meeting  in June 2022, the members of the working group continued the discussion on potential priority sectors for METI’s forthcoming value chain analysis.
At the beginning of the meeting, the METI team presented the key findings of a detailed analysis of the sub-sectors linked to the Manufacture of Food sector which was selected by the Policy Working group in its last meeting.
The analysis focussed on the six selection criteria defined by the working group, including national priorities, export and employment potential, possibilities for upgrading in the value chain and diversification of the export basket, as well as environmental considerations.
'We have to focus on a sub-sector that has a great export potential which could generate more and better jobs. We should also think about creating more value added in the country. We are so keen to conduct the value chain analysis following the ILO methodology which will enlighten us on the bottlenecks that prevent Egypt realizing its export potential.” Dr Reham Rizk

After a fruitful discussion and informed by further analysis by the ILO METI team, the working group reached consensus to focus on the “sugars, sugar confectionary and chocolate” for METI’s forthcoming value chain analysis.

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