Events and meetings

October 2010

  1. Abuja Conference launches new guidelines aimed at empowering millions of Africans with disabilities

    27 - 29 October 2010

    The 4th CBR Africa Network Conference (CAN) launched new guidelines designed to empower persons with disabilities by supporting their inclusion in health, education, employment, social, skills training and other community services.

  2. Interregional Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy

    25 - 29 October 2010

    The International Training Center of the ILO, based in Turin is organizing, jointly with the European Economic and Social Committee, the first edition of the Interregional Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy

  3. Implementing labour principles in global supply chains

    13 - 15 October 2010

  4. International Forum on Decent work

    11 - 12 October 2010

    The International Forum on Decent work is organised by the European Commission, in close cooperation with the International Labour Office.

September 2010

  1. Employment Policy in a Changing World Staff Retreat Programme

    14 - 16 September 2010

    The aim of the retreat hosted by the Employment Policy Department was to create a common platform of vision, knowledge and action on employment policy development. The event was attended by employment specialists from the field, HQ staff and external resource persons.

August 2010

  1. Implementing Labour Standards through Corporate Social Responsibility: tools and strategies

    30 August - 3 September 2010

June 2010

  1. Joint ILO-GTFA conference - Globalization and Employment: Global Shocks, Structural Change and Policy Response

    21 June 2010

    Leaders from International Organizations, NGOs and academia met at this conference organized by the ILO and the GTFA project to discuss the employment implications of instability in global markets.

  2. Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development

    21 June - 2 July 2010

    Summer 2010 Edition, Deadline for registration: 21 May 2010

  3. John Ruggie’s “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Business and Human Rights Framework

    3 June 2010

    Professor John Ruggie, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, presented his "protect, respect and remedy" framework, laying the foundations of a system for better managing business and human rights challenges.

  4. 5th Global Youth Employment Summit (YES): Rework the World

    2 - 5 June 2010

May 2010

  1. “Green jobs in Africa” – Regional training course

    17 - 21 May 2010

    The objective of the course is to empower participants to provide meaningful inputs to national debates and policy making on the social and labour dimensions of climate change.

  2. Technical validation workshop on Skills for Green Jobs - 17 May 2010

    17 - 18 May 2010

    The purpose of the technical validation workshop was to validate the findings of the global policy-applied research project on Skills for Green Jobs. The Global synthesis report and the European synthesis report were discussed. The workshop aimed to: a) identify environmental challenges and skills response strategies; b) discuss green restructuring processes on the labour market and related retraining needs; c) highlight current and future occupational changes and their implication on vocational training; d) propose specific policy recommendations and suggestions for further steps.

  3. Strategies for LED: Focus on Green Jobs

    10 - 21 May 2010

    What social and economic opportunities can arise from greener local systems? What are the key drivers of green employment? How can local communities invest to improve the quality of their environment and generate decent jobs at the local level? What participatory mechanisms can be used to foster sustainable social, economic, environmental and institutional development at the local, provincial or regional level? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during the Seminar to be held from 10 - 21 May 2010 at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy

March 2010

  1. Promoting Economic Diversity in Ukraine: Skills and Business Environment in the Hotel Sector

    12 March 2010

  2. Promoting Economic Diversity in Ukraine: skills, export promotion and business enabling environment in the basic metal and metal processing industry

    11 March 2010

  3. Promoting Economic Diversity in Ukraine: The role of the business enabling environment, skills policies and export promotion

    11 - 12 March 2010

  4. ILO Conference on "People with intellectual disabilities: Opening pathways to training and employment in the African region"

    9 - 11 March 2010

    In Africa, some 10 to 15 million people have an intellectual disability. Because of stigma and discrimination, a majority are excluded from education, training and employment and live in poverty and isolation. To help meet the challenge of more equitable access to vocational training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, the ILO-Irish Aid Partnership Programme organized a sub-regional conference in Lusaka, Zambia in early March on the issue.

December 2009

  1. Expert meeting on Assessing and Addressing the Effects of Trade on Employment

    14 - 15 December 2009

  2. International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    3 December 2009

    This year's theme for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities - "Making the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Inclusive: Empowerment of persons with disabilities and their communities around the world" - supports the message of challenging exclusion. It aims to highlight the need to continue to work for the mainstreaming of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society and development if the MDGs of reducing poverty are to be achieved.

November 2009

  1. 13th Regional Seminar for Labour-Based Practitioners and Policy Makers

    30 November - 4 December 2009

    Theme of the seminar: 'Employment Intensive Approach in the Construction Sector - A Catalyst for Achieving Prosperity for All'