Events and meetings

May 2015

  1. Youth employment in the CIS discussed in Krasnoyarsk

April 2015

  1. Evaluating Youth Employment Programmes: An Executive Course

  2. Panel debate: Child Labour. An Update on the Achievements and Challenges.

    Child labour is defined in ILO conventions as “work that children should not be doing because they are too young to work, or – if they are old enough to work – because it is dangerous or otherwise unsuitable for them”. Substantial progress has been made in the struggle against child labour and the global number of children in child labour has declined by one third since 2000, from 246 million to 168 million children. Although reliable survey data is limited to provide numbers for the group of industrialized countries, the 2008-2012 period showed a faster rate of decline in child labour. However, it seems that there is no apparent negative effect of the global economic crisis on the global child labour situation as had been feared. The panel will provide an update on the achievements in the fight against child labour, highlight the situation in Europe and discuss the challenges ahead.

  3. Labour Market Transitions of Young Women and Men in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    The ILO’s Work4Youth Regional Conference on Labour Market Transition of Young Women and Men in Eastern Europe and Central Asia will bring together delegates from ten countries of these two regions. A report summarizing the results of the School-to-Work transition surveys conducted in six of these countries will be presented. Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss current areas of intervention on youth employment and share experience on policy measures.

March 2015

  1. Global Initiative for Decent Jobs for Youth Retreat Agenda

  2. High Level Committee on Programmes retreat on Decent Jobs for Youth Initiative

February 2015

  1. Professional microcredit and support to enterprise creation in France and Europe: What effects on employment?

  2. Microcredit and support to enterprise creation in France: what is the situation of the entrepreneurs 3 years after

  3. Labour Market Transitions of Young Women and Men: Innovative research from 28 School-to-Work Transition Surveys

    An international forum for sharing results of the ILO’s Call for Papers on labour market transition of young women and men in developing countries. The Symposium offers an opportunity for researchers and development practitioners to discuss innovative research on themes of youth employment and labour market transitions and applicability to policy and programme advice and implementation.

January 2015

  1. Towards a Common Understanding? Employment and Decent Work in Fragile Settings

    An ILO-CCDP event hosted by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform with the participation of the Permanent Representatives of New Zealand and Sierra Leone. The event was opened by the Coordinator of the ILO’s Fragile States and Disaster Response Group, Donato Kiniger-Passigli and the Head of Research at the CCDP, Oliver Jütersonke, and closed by the Chief of Cabinet at the UNOG, Mr David Chikvaidze.

December 2014

  1. Capacity building workshop for young leaders on rights at work for young people in China

  2. World Day for Decent Work: Conference on quality employment for young people

  3. ILO workshop on performance monitoring and impact evaluation of the Portuguese Youth Guarantee

November 2014

  1. Sustainable Development: The Promise of Technology

    For people with disabilities who are of working age, the rapid progress in information and communications technology (ICT) and assistive technology offer ever-increasing opportunities to participate in the world of work.

  2. ILO and J-PAL Executive Education Course, Sharjah 2014

    Hosted by Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, International Labour Organization and American University of Sharjah

October 2014

  1. Breaking the vicious circle of disability and extreme poverty

    Observed on 17 October each year, the day aims to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution worldwide. People with disabilities who make up some 1 billion of the world’s population are at greater risk of poverty due to discrimination and barriers to participation in all spheres of society that can help them escape poverty and break down prejudices. Inclusion in all development activities is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty and disability.

September 2014

  1. Flyer - What works on employment services for youth and why?

    Area of critical importance Jobs and Skills for youth knowledge-sharing workshop

  2. What works on employment services for youth and why?

    Area of critical importance Jobs and Skills for youth knowledge-sharing workshop

August 2014

  1. The role of Central Banks in meeting development and employment challenges

July 2014

  1. Learning Forum on Innovations in Public Investment and employment Programmes