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  1. CINTERFOR Youth, training and employment
    11 November 2009

    Contains statistical data for Latin American countries from the Inter-American Research and Documentation Centre on Vocational Training (CINTERFOR) (in English and Spanish)

  2. LABORSTA - database of labour statistics

    Covers official core labour statistics and estimates for over 200 countries since 1969. Also provides methodological descriptions of main national statistical sources.

  3. Labour Force Surveys

    Compiles web sites which contain data from national statistical agencies, the ILO and other sources. Includes links to source web sites and references to print publications available in the ILO Library.

  4. OECD Employment statistics database
    11 November 2009

    Includes data on unemployment, employment, labour force and working age population, broken down by age group

  5. UN Stats Millennium Development Goals Indicators
    11 November 2009

    Presents the official data, definitions, methodologies and sources for the 48 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. (Tip: search on youth employment)

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