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The Employment Sector Information and Documentation centre offers ILO Officials both at Headquarters and the field, ILO constituents, journalists, students and others a range of services to meet your information needs.

This includes access to the Sector's free publications, research assistance, loans from the Employment Sector's or the ILO Library's collection, guidance on how to use information resources and on-line research tools effectively. The Centre also organises displays of its own as well as other ILO publications during special events.

Recent publications

  1. Publication

    Lessons Learned and Emerging Good Practices of ILO’s Syria Crisis Response in Jordan and Lebanon

    09 November 2018

    This report synthesizes the lessons learned and emerging good practices from the ILO ROAS interventions to promote decent work amongst Syrian refugees and host communities.

  2. Publication

    Flyer: Panel discussion at the Geneva Peace Week 2018: Jobs for Peace and Resilience

    05 November 2018

  3. Employment Policy Brief

    Job creation for Syrian refugees and host communities: Employment Intensive Investment strategies in Jordan and Lebanon

    28 October 2018

    This policy paper presents the approach, experiences and lessons learned from ongoing projects and some findings of project-level evaluations in the two countries.

  4. Publication

    Employment Policy Department Newsletter, Issue 7, October 2018

    25 October 2018

  5. Publication

    Just Transition Towards Environmentally Sustainable Economies and Societies for All

    22 October 2018

    The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will affect every aspect of how we produce goods, provide services, move around and consume. The Paris Agreement (UNFCCC 2015), was a historical milestone, where nations committed themselves to transforming their development trajectories in order to limit global warming by 2100 to 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. This policy brief will address the main challenges in fulfilling these goals, how just transition can work in practice and what trade unions and workers’ organizations can do.

  6. Publication

    Taking a whole of government approach to skills development

    17 October 2018

    The joint ILO/UNESCO publication focuses primarily on the interaction between government ministries and agencies at national and subnational levels, examining how governments can work to coordinate technical and vocational education and development (TVET) and skills development across relevant policy domains.

  7. ILO Research Paper Series

    The economics of artificial intelligence: Implications for the future of work

    17 October 2018

  8. Interview

    ILO recommends policies to create decent and productive jobs

    15 October 2018

    The following is a translation of an interview with Aurelio Parisotto, ILO Head of the Country Policy Development and Coordination Unit/Employment Policy Department, that appeared in Diario de Noticias on 15 October to mark the launch of the ILO report on Decent work in Portugal 2008-18: From crisis to recovery.