The ILO/World Bank Inventory of policy responses to the global financial and economic crisis of 2008

A database of policy tools implemented during the crisis and analytical reports presenting some of the results.The ILO/World Bank policy inventory for the first time surveys the policy responses of 77 countries in response to the 2008 financial and economic crisis. The information is collected over a two-year period (mid-2008 to end-2010) for 55 low-income and middle-income countries and 22 high-income countries.

Youth Employment Inventory

Youth joblessness and underemployment are among the most challenging economic and social problems that we face in almost every country. Thus, governments and policymakers across the globe are intent on identifying policies and programs which increase the probability that jobless youth will find work, raise the productivity and income of the underemployed, and facilitate a transition from school to labor market without extended delay. YEI addresses this demand by identifying effective approaches to promote youth employment.

Youth Employment Network Marketplace

The Marketplace targets practitioners working on youth employment and young entrepreneurs. It will establish an online space where stakeholders can come to share knowledge, form new partnerships, and exchange ideas, resources and advice. Not only does the Marketplace provide a platform for exchange and coordination within the youth employment community, it also provides valuable resources such as funding competitions and an online webinar series. The Marketplace is driven by the needs of its users and will evolve based on their changing demands and priorities.

Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

The KILM is published every other year. The KILM makes labour market information and analysis easily accessible and facilitates the comparison of key elements of national labour markets. It contains a core set of 20 labour market indicators that cover various facets of decent work deficits around the world. The KILM thereby is a wide-ranging and broadly-used reference tool that meets the ever-increasing demands for timely, accurate and accessible labour market information and analysis in a rapidly changing world of work.

ASISTDOC - Bibliographic database

The Employment Intensive Investment Programme has developed a database (ASISTDOC) containing over 8,000 documents relating to labour-based technologies and local level planning, produced by the ILO as well as its partners. Copies of these documents can be downloaded from the database or requested in hard copies through the facility within the database.