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    ILO presents new initiative on statistics of cooperatives at the ICA Cooperative Research Conference

    03 December 2021

    The ILO presented an initiative on Implementing the Guidelines concerning Statistics of Cooperatives at the 2021 ICA Cooperative Research Conference.

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    Webinar: Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Global Tracer Study 2016–2020

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    Promoting decent work by digitizing wages responsibly in Jordan

    01 December 2021

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    Consultancy opportunity: Rapid assessment on digital wages for decent work in Kenya

    01 December 2021

    The ILO’s Social Finance Programme is looking for consultants based in Kenya to conduct a rapid assessment on digital wages for decent work in the country. The tentative focus of the study is on the tea and cut flower industries.

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    La formalisation des micro et petites entreprises

    01 December 2021

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    SCORE Training catalogue

    01 December 2021

    SCORE Training helps SMEs to achieve better working conditions and productivity through its wide variety of modules and stands as an aid to compliance.

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    ILO COOP eNewsUpdate

    30 November 2021

    Every month, the ILO COOP eNewsletter highlights recent news and developments on cooperatives by the ILO and partners.

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    Employment Policy Department Newsletter, November/December 2021

    30 November 2021

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    Expanding entrepreneurship: 23 million and counting - Start and Improve Your Business Global Tracer Study 2016-2020

    29 November 2021

    Every 5 years the ILO’s Global SIYB team publishes the Global Tracer Study to analyse the outreach of the SIYB programme. SIYB has a long track record of promoting development of micro and small enterprises as a strategy for creating more and better employment for both women and men. The programme was created in the 1980s and has since been implemented in more than 100 countries. This year we are launching the 2016-2020 Global Tracer Study, providing quantitative and qualitative data on the implementation of the programme between 2016 and 2020.

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    An ILO initiative on advancing the Guidelines concerning Statistics of Cooperatives

    29 November 2021

    The ‘Guidelines concerning Statistics of Cooperatives’ were adopted at the 20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS) in October 2018, which were then approved by the Governing Body of the ILO in March 2019. The guidelines are a first step toward an international norm on statistics of cooperatives.