Inspiring change on the gender front

“Ensuring equal opportunities for women is everyone’s responsibility and benefits not only the enterprise but society at large. MIG SCORE supports SMEs to create a more gender balanced workforce, stressing the importance of equal opportunity and equal voice in the world of work.”

Article | 08 March 2019

SCORE Training helps companies’ build-in gender equality and in particular MIG SCORE helps push the balance even further with practical advice on issues like equal pay for equal job, voice equality and work-life balance.

Following is a snapshot of some gender initiatives across workplaces implementing SCORE Training over the past year.


Colombia spearheaded the creation of MIG SCORE, which has received much interest from a wide audience in the region and at the global level. 
A training of trainers was held with much success in October 2018 and pilots are now underway.

At the enterprise level, several initiatives have been taken on-board in the Andean region, the most popular being:
• Hiring campaigns to recruit women specifically
• Revision of recruitment ads and procedures with “gender glasses” (ensuring no bias)
• Gender training in companies for managers and employees
• New bulletin boards called ´´Gender News´´ to get the conversation on gender equality going
• Internal campaigns to promote women to positions normally held by men

In Peru, banners and posters to promote the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse in the work place were created and distributed by trainers to enterprises, to encourage conversation around these difficult issues in the workplace. 


The the most common practices factories implemented were:
• Clearly highlighting the enterprise policy on maternity leave and other benefits for women
• Reviewing and strengthening the recruitment procedures to ensure non-discrimination
• Encouraging female workers’ participation in training and other enterprise projects.
• Establishment of Gender Committees with minutes circulated to all employees
• Encouraging the calling out bad-taste jokes involving women 

In China, a feature story on social media highlighted women's higher participation in the workforce.

In Vietnam, SCORE partner HAWA is hosting a Female Manager Club which promotes and supports the development of female managers in member enterprises.

A video was produced in Indonesia to show how small changes can be made within enterprises to create a more inclusive workplace and how to evolve a company culture to offer equal opportunities.


Some of the most popular gender based activities SCORE trained enterprises are using in Ghana are:

• Reminders of basic Health & Safety e.g. Pregnant Women working in hazardous units (gas, dust, fumes, smoke, dirt etc.) should be temporarily relocated to safer areas to ensure optimum health & eliminate risk
• A clean room is provided with refrigerator for nursing mothers to express and preserve milk
• Introducing systems to find women with management potential and mentor them to grow into higher positions
• Paternity leave of 10-15 working days to support their partners (not mandated by law)
• Accessible sanitary pads, ensuring all female workers can move around with confidence.

We hope that this article provide ideas and inspires you to make a difference in your own work environment. It is up to each of us to make a difference. Everyday changes, however small they may seem, will help to build a fairer and just society if we all step up to the challenge. Let’s ensure the trend continues, benefiting everyone in society.

Happy International Women’s Day to all our supporters!