Small and Medium Enterprises

In line with the decent work agenda of the ILO the Small and Medium Enterprises Unit seeks to unlock the potential of creating more and better jobs in small businesses - a sector where the bulk of employment is being provided.

The unit offers the following six products under four product lines:

Building Entrepreneurship and Management Skills

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    Start and Improve Your Business - SIYB

    A set of training packages for different groups ranging from a first orientation for potential start-ups to in-depth training for existing enterprises, offered in more than 100 countries with 5 Mio participants over the last eight years.

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    Women's Entrepreneurship Development (WED)

    A set of training packages specifically designed for the needs of women entrepreneurs, offered in over 25 countries.

  3. Entrepreneurship Education: "Know About Business" - KAB

    A training package to teach entrepreneurship in vocational, secondary, and tertiary schools, used in 56 countries of which 18 integrated KAB into national curricula, 2,3 Mio youth received KAB.

Providing Access to Markets

  1. Value Chain Development

    Training and advisory services on how to integrate SMEs into local and global value chains, one of our younger products facing an increasing demand. Presently 24 active projects with a Volume of USD 33 Mio.

  2. M4DW 'the lab'

    Measuring and maximizing employment impacts. Market systems development for decent work - ‘the lab’ - is an action research and knowledge generation project that seeks to improve the impact of market systems and value chain development interventions. 

Reforming the Enabling Environment

  1. Evidence-based Policy Development- Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises

    Advisory services on how to assess the environment in which businesses operate, how to identify priorities, and how to formulate reform proposals, a recently developed product.

Responsible Workplace Practices

  1. Productivity Training for SMEs: "Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises" - SCORE

    A five module training and in factory counseling program for SMEs on how to improve quality management, productivity, and working conditions; a new product being rolled out in 7 emerging countries.