Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises in Botswana

What has been done:

The enabling environment for sustainable enterprises in Botswana was assessed through a careful review of secondary data, findings from a national perception survey of employers (including owners and managers of companies), in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders in the country, and supplementary information from published and unpublished materials. The perception survey was conducted in 2010 and focused on 10 of the 17 conditions.

The Survey and its sample:

The Survey questionnaire records the responses of 150 business leaders (105 managers and 45 business owners) in private enterprises based on their perceptions of the enabling environment for the development of sustainable enterprises. Specific information on the number of full time employees has been used to subdivide enterprises into small (1-50 employees), medium (51-150 employees) and large enterprises (more than 150 full time employees). The sample comprises 56.7 per cent small, 27.9 per cent medium and 14.3 per cent large enterprises.


The Botswana EESE Report and the following Industry Sector Focus Group Discussions and Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) Business Agenda provided information and a structure for BOCCIM advocacy efforts. The implementation of this Business Agenda has yielded two evidence based policy position papers:
  • Rating of Public Sector Service Delivery for reforms for efficient service delivery to facilitate private sector development.
  • Research of the incidence of Levies and Taxes of business, especially SMEs and its impact on enterprises for reforms.