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All across the world people are in search of jobs. Jobs so they can raise their families and send their children to school. Jobs that provide access to social protection for them and their families. And, jobs in which they are respected, can organize and have a voice. What they want is decent work.

Enterprises play a key role in creating productive and decent work that helps meet the economic and social aspirations of people and their communities. Whether small, medium or large, enterprises – including cooperatives – they are a major source of growth and employment in all countries. Enterprises and the entrepreneurs who run them play a crucial role in creating jobs and reducing poverty.

" The ILO has a mandate, recognized in the 2008 Declaration, to promote sustainable enterprises as an integral part of the Decent Work Agenda.”

Guy Ryder, Director-General
International Labour Organization

What's new

  1. Cooperatives

    When work is more than “just a job”

    02 July 2015

    As the world celebrates the International Day of Cooperatives, ILO News looks at how one cooperative in Brooklyn, New York, is offering migrants a dignified and sustainable way to make a decent living.

  2. Publication

    Advancing gender equality: The co-operative way

    30 June 2015

    Great strides have been made towards gender equality over the last two decades. Nevertheless, deep gender disparities persist across the globe, surfacing in labour markets, as well as other realms. Compared to men, women continue to earn less, are more likely to partake in unpaid labour, and are more apt to be excluded from decent work and opportunities for advancement. As gender equity is increasingly seen as a pillar for sustainable economic development and broad social well-being, alternative models to development which incorporate women’s equality in work are needed. Rooted in values of self-help, equality, and equity, as well as economic growth through cooperation and democratic processes, co-operative enterprises are well-positioned to answer this call.

  3. Event

    2015 Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development -- New trends in Enterprise Development

  4. Event

    Enterprise Encounters “China Co-op’s education and training outreach with other cooperatives” Zhang Wangshu, China Co-op Thursday, 2 July 2015 14:00-15:30 in Room VII, R2 South

    Mr Zhang Wangshu is the Director of the International Cooperation Department where he is responsible for promoting cooperation among cooperatives. He will present on China Co-op’s Training and Education activities with agricultural production and marketing cooperative enterprises from around the world.

  5. Publication

    Decent Jobs in a Safe Climate: ILO Solutions for Climate Action

    08 June 2015

    This brief provides a snapshot of selected ILO initiatives, successful practices, tools, instruments and policy guidelines that contribute to the advancement of both climate change and decent work agendas.

  6. Event

    Tackling child labour in supply chains - Child Labour Platform (CLP) Meeting

    During the meeting, a member company will share its experience on integrating labour rights into business operations, followed by an in-depth discussion.

  7. Publication

    Wage labor, agriculture-based economies, and pathways out of poverty: taking stock of the evidence

    02 June 2015