Enabling ecosystem for WED

ILO-WED seeks to promote a policy and regulatory environment that supports the creation and growth of women owned and women led enterprises. Through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development (WED) Assessment, ILO-WED seeks to assess six “framework conditions” that are essential to strengthening ecosystems for women’s entrepreneurship development including: (1) legal and regulatory systems, (2) policy frameworks, (3) gender-sensitive financial services and (4) business development support services, (5) access to markets and technology, and (6) representation of women entrepreneurs in policy dialogue.

The original guide, 'Assessing the Enabling Environment for Women in Growth Enterprises' was developed and promoted jointly by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) and a series of assessments were undertaken in Eastern Africa as well as one in Cameroun. The WED assessment methodology was revised by the ILO in 2008 (Simon White) and a new version was established in September 2012.