Strengthening childcare provision in Moldova through public and private efforts – opportunities and constraints

Market system analysis of the childcare sector in Moldova

In December 2022, the Moldovan Parliament sought to facilitate the use of childcare for 0–3 year-olds by adopting the Law on Alternative Childcare Services, which allows for the establishment of three formal, private forms of childcare: (i) work-based childcare, (ii) home-based nurseries, and (iii) individual nanny services. To analyse the current childcare situation and the impact of the new legislation, the ILO commissioned a market systems analysis to determine how the alternative forms of childcare would affect – and be affected by – the supply and demand of childcare, the childcare supporting functions, and the overall rules and regulations governing the childcare sector. The current report concludes with a series of recommendations for various interventions that should support the implementation of the legislation.