ILO-WED Products

Resource list | 30 November 2015

Key tools

FAMOS Female And Male Operating Small enterprises

A gender self-check product to identify practical enhancement in an organization's operations with respect to serving women entrepreneurs.
An ILO Women's Entrepreneurship Development tool GET Ahead Gender and Entrepreneurship Together

A management training product to start a small-scale business. It differs from conventional business training as it highlights entrepreneurial skills from a gender perspective.
National Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Assessment

The WED Assessment is an analysis of WED in a given national context according to six framework conditions on the basis of which policy recommendations are made.
Start and Improve Your Business Training Package

SIYB is a business management training programme with a focus on starting and improving small businesses.

Other useful tools

Improve Your Exhibiting Skills: A Training Guide (IYES) (Improve Your Exhibition Skills)

A training guide that provides practical guidance on marketing, communications and promotional activities, to enhance women’s access to better quality market opportunities
Action My Business Growth

A training tool designed to aid decision making for business growth.

Making the strongest links: A practical guide to mainstreaming gender analysis in value chain development

A practical guide to gender-sensitive Value Chain Analysis.

Organizing Promotional Events For Women Entrepreneurs: A Guide “Month of the Women Entrepreneur” (MOWE) (Month of the Women Entrepreneur Guide)
Building Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations
Business Group Formation Empowering Women and Men in Developing Communities
Managing Small Business Associations : Reader and Managing Small Business Associations : Trainer’s Manual
Village Banking in LAO PDR Handbook for Village Bank Management Committees and Support Organizations and the Village banking in Lao PDR - Ledger Guide
Financial Education
Count us in! : How to make sure that women with disabilities can participate effectively in mainstream women’s entrepreneurship development activities

Other useful resources