Expanding a beauty salon in Johannesburg through business management skills

Annah Mazibuko, DIJ Beauty Studio – South Africa

Article | 08 October 2020
Annah runs a beauty salon established in 2017. However, she was experiencing many challenges in running the business: inability to afford rent, lack of knowledge of costing and pricing, difficulty in hiring skilled employees and in sourcing capital for equipment. Also, she felt insecure in standing in front of people and talking about the business.

The SIYB programme had a huge impact on Annah’s life and in her business. After attending the training, she learned the importance of recordkeeping and, in fact, with concise financial records, she was able to apply for funding. At the end of the financial year she can see how much the company has made and can subsequently determine the dividends she can pay to herself, which she did not know prior to the training. The pitching session was key in helping Annah move out of her comfort zone and taught her how to pitch her business. She therefore acquired opportunities to work with companies and events to source make-up and hair services from the salon.

Since then, she managed to secure a space for the salon at a busy main road with a lot of footprint, which in turn attracts customers. Annah continues to expand her business, and as a next step, she has plans to work with corporate companies to offer them voucher options for their clients and staff.

I now feel like a prominent businessperson and can engage on business topics with other fellow entrepreneurs."