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The introduction of new digital tools in the SIYB Programme

News | 21 July 2020

The introduction of new digital tools in the SIYB Programme

The effects of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic on markets are affecting micro-, small, and medium enterprises disproportionately. With a view to supporting business survival, recovery and restart, the ILO Global SIYB team in collaboration with the ILO International Training Centre in Turin developed a set of SIYB online tools (“e-SIYB”) to support the global network of trainers and to facilitate delivery of the SIYB programme where face-to-face trainings are not possible.
The new e-SIYB tools aim to ensure that trainers can deliver SIYB trainings through a combination of e-learning materials, webinars, and online assignments. e-SIYB is available for the Generate Your Business Idea (GYB), Start Your Business (SYB), and Improve Your Business (IYB) training packages in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. e-SIYB tools are designed to complement SIYB Trainings. As such, e-SIYB supports SIYB Trainers by enhancing the product offering with the delivery of SIYB remaining the task of certified SIYB Trainers and Master Trainers.

A snapshot of the new e-SIYB tools

Self-guided modules
The e-SIYB modules are interactive online learning materials, in which participants can find stories of entrepreneurs, activities, quizzes, and tasks for completion. The modules are complementary materials for SIYB Trainings that are delivered through online video-conferencing or face-to-face. SIYB Trainers and Master Trainers can access the e-SIYB tools through the SIYB Gateway.

Video Tutorials
The video recordings of selected sections of IYB aim to support entrepreneur’s self-study.

Electronic campus
The GYB/SYB and IYB e-materials can easily be embedded in different e-learning platforms. The ILO International Training Centre has also developed a dedicated SIYB e-Campus, which supports the delivery of Start and Improve Your Business Training by providing an integrated virtual space for trainers and training participants.

    Guide on online training delivery
To facilitate the implementation of the new e-SIYB tools, the ILO SIYB Global Coordination team has developed a quick guide for Trainers on the use of e-SIYB tools. The Guide is available in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.