SIYB Gateway

What is the Gateway?

The Gateway is a web-based monitoring and evaluation tool that enables better knowledge sharing about SIYB. The Gateway is available in several languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese. More languages will be added for global roll-out.

How does it work?

1. The Gateway stores training data entered by SIYB Master Trainers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs and Partnering Management Training Institutions. This data includes:
  • Type of training (Training of Master Trainers, Training of Trainers, Training of Entrepreneurs)
  • Training subtype (initial training, competency reinforcement training and refresher training)
  • Package Used (Generate Your Business Idea, Start Your Business, Improve Your Business, Expand Your Business)
  • Dates, duration (in hours) and location of training

2. The Gateway produces reports on training outreach at global, country and partner organization level.

3. The Gateway works as a certification & licensing tool – The system generates Trainer and Master Trainer certificates once training data has been entered. It also renews the licence of Master Trainers every three years if they have conducted training during that period.

4. The Gateway provides a document library for all SIYB related materials. This helps the SIYB Gateway users to directly access any document needed for executing the training programmes.

The Gateway is intended as a complementary mechanism to the paper-based reporting system (M&E Toolkit). It is not meant to replace it. Spot checks will be conducted to tally the training entries on the SIYB Gateway with the paper-based documentation of the training providers.

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