Access to SIYB training for people with disabilities. A Handbook for Organizers and Trainers in China

This manual for SIYB training organizations and trainers to implement SIYB training which is accessible to persons with disabilities, the first of its kind, is an attempt to respond to the requirements of the Convention. Its major purpose is to enable users to make reasonable accommodation for the inclusion of persons with disabilities into standard SIYB training classes as they are administered in the People’s Republic of China.

Instructional material | 12 January 2007
The inclusion of persons with disabilities into standard SIYB training classes usually is cost-efficient and does not require any major investments. It mainly requires raising the awareness of training organizers and trainers to make the
adjustments required to increase accessibility.
Moreover, including persons with disabilities into standard SIYB training classes also bears significant potential to increase the benefits for all participants. This is because inclusion emphasizes and thus reinforces the application of participatory training methodologies that are at the heart of the training concept of the SIYB China Program*), and therefore will enhance the technical versatility of all master trainers and trainers. From this perspective, inclusion of persons with disabilities is a clear case of a win-win situation: Both the existing SIYB China Program and trainees with disabilities can only gain by implementing inclusive SIYB training.
The handbook is part of a training package developed by the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) China Project, implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MOLSS) of the People’s Republic of China and the ILO. It is conceived as a complementary guideline for the SIYB Program’s four standard training courses GYB, SYB, IYB, and EYB.