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Social finance

With an emphasis on social justice, the ILO's Social Finance Programme supports efforts to extend financial services to excluded persons by addressing two main goals:
  • The promotion of better employment; and
  • A reduction in the vulnerability of the working poor.
The pursuit of better employment means creating jobs and improving the quality of employment through innovative financial services and conducive policies. The reduction of vulnerability can be achieved by improving access to appropriate risk managing financial services, including microinsurance.

What's New

  1. Event

    The SSE Momentum: Finance for inclusion and the future of work

    The international conference "SSE Momentum" brought together around 100 participants to discuss the role of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and supporting financial mechanisms in promoting decent work and sustainable development. Read the full news story here.

  2. Partnership

    The International Labour Organization joins the Better Than Cash Alliance

    The International Labour Organization has joined the Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA) and commits to increasing the use of responsible digital payments to boost financial inclusion, transparency and efficiency.

    The Social Finance team and Better Work support the BTCA's mission and will work on the extension of affordable and accessible payments to low-income people, the creation of cost savings, increased transparency and security, the promotion of decent work, economic development and the broadening of financial inclusion.

    The partnership was officially announced in November 2019.

  3. Publication

    2018 Annual Report

    The 2018 Annual Report highlights the achievements of the Social Finance Programme over the last year in its three main streams of work – financial inclusion, impact insurance and sustainable investing.

  4. Promise Impact

    Event: Impact evaluation in Indonesia - bundled financial and non-financial services

    The Social Finance Programme organized a special event at the ILO headquarters, where we presented the results of the impact evaluation of the bundled financial and non-financial services provision in Indonesia. Click here to learn more about this event.

  5. ILO100

    Social Finance celebrates the ILO centenary!

    The International Labour Organization turns 100 this year, and Social Finance joins in on the celebrations! The anniversary has been captured in a two-page spread from our partner, the European Microfinance Platform. Social Finance has played an important role in the work of the ILO – and its history goes back farther than you might think!

  6. Event

    Financial education: Programme design and implementation for policymakers and practitioners

    This year saw the launch of a new training programme bringing together all the accumulated experience, lessons learned and best practices from a variety of actors and institutions globally. Click here to find out more about the first edition which we organized in Turin, Italy, in October 2018.

  7. Event

    10 years of Impact Insurance!

    The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018! We are proud of our decade-long journey to enable the insurance sector, governments and their partners to reduce households’ vulnerability, promote stronger enterprises and facilitate better public policies. Through the year, we shared lessons and experiences from the past, examined the current trends, and presented ideas for the future.

  8. Event

    Social Finance Network meeting - Mobile money and digital payments: opportunities to support the Decent Work agenda

    The Social Finance Programme organized a session on mobile money and digital payments and its opportunities to support the Decent Work agenda. The knowledge sharing session took place at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on February 5. Click here for more information.

  9. Event

    MyFinCoop – a new training programme for financial cooperative apex organizations
    4-8 December 2017 - Kasoa, Ghana

    The training workshop was organized for the Ghana Credit Unions Association (CUA) in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This new training programme called MyFinCoop aims at empowering financial cooperative apex organizations and other support institutions including policy makers and regulators to advance the scale and effectiveness of financial cooperatives. The training workshop brought together 26 board members, managers, and trainers of CUA, leaders of primary credit unions and regulators. Click here for more information.

  10. Event

    Seminar: Achieving the double bottom line: Inclusive finance and social performance management.

    As part of PROMISE IMPACT​, a seminar was organized on 14th of December 2016 to share experiences and practices in delivering financial and non-financial services by financial institutions to achieve what is often referred as the “double bottom line”.
    The purpose of the seminar is to provide a platform for exchanging knowledge in inclusive finance, decent work and social performance management (SPM) as part of a strategy to achieve economic and social development.