Practical guidance and tools on greening SMEs

Resource list | 23 May 2023
Green Business Guide

Practical guide for entrepreneurs to promote a balanced and systematic approach to profitability and environmental responsibility through sustainable production practices.
SCORE4Climate: Optimising performance through resource efficiency and circularity

SCORE Training module to improve resource efficiency, clean production and circularity to improve SME productivity, working conditions and environmental sustainability.
Promoting green jobs in a circular economy

3-week course offered by ITC-ILO to provide tools and technical knowledge to systematically apply measures to create more and better jobs in the circular economy.
Recuperación del empleo frente a la COVID-19 en México con un enfoque de transición justa

Collection of five market systems analyses conducted in Mexico City with a focus on water management, renewable energy, sustainable construction, waste management and sustainable food production.
Environmental sustainability in value chain and market system development for decent work

Practical guide on how to incorporate environmental objectives in VCD / MSD analyses and intervention designs.
Sector selection and rapid market assessment for addressing environmental sustainability in value chain development

Framework of guiding questions to conduct rapid market assessments and sector selection to achieve environmental objectives alongside advancing decent work.
Value chain development for decent work

Updated third edition providing an overview of how to take a systems approach to value chain development to create more and better jobs.
Green business booklet

Product aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs to come up with a green business idea and existing entrepreneurs to green their businesses.
Greening economies, enterprises and jobs

Resource guide highlighting the role of employers' organizations in service development in the environmental field.
Guidelines for value chain selection

Brochure combining economic, environmental, social and institutional dimensions for a holistic and structured approach to value chain selection.