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  1. Assessing current and potential green jobs: the case of Mauritius

    31 May 2012

    This policy briefs summarizes the findings of an assessment on the potential of green jobs creation in Mauritius. It originated from a request by the Government of Mauritius and was conducted by the ILO in cooperation with a national research team.

  2. Working towards sustainable development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy - Summary

    31 May 2012

    This joint ILO/UNEP study shows that, if accompanied by the right policy mix, a green economy can also create more and better jobs, lift people out of poverty and promote social inclusion. It also demonstrates that employment and social inclusion must be an integral part of any sustainable development strategy.

  3. ILO Full programme for Rio+20

    30 May 2012

    The ILO will participate in a number of meetings and events held before and during the Rio+20 Conference. The tentative agenda provided below will be updated regularly.

  4. Brief profile on Green Jobs

    25 May 2012

    Employment for social justice and a fair globalization

  5. Brief profile on Employment-Intensive Investments

    25 May 2012

    Employment for social justice and a fair globalization

  6. Brief profile on Sustainable Enterprises

    25 May 2012

    Employment for social justice and a fair globalization

  7. Towards sustainable construction and green jobs in the Gaza Strip

    15 May 2012

    Sustainable construction provides opportunities to address and alleviate several challenges and needs currently experienced in Gaza, including the increasing housing demand, limited availability of construction materials, insufficient energy and water provision, inadequate sanitation, as well as severe unemployment. The assessment analyses the feasibility, opportunities and challenges relating to sustainable construction in relation to the above mentioned needs and explores ways to promote green jobs.

  8. Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour - Training course activities for cooperatives - Book 2

    30 April 2012

    Book 2 is the material that the cooperative trainers should use for training purposes with cooperative leaders and members and others.

  9. Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour - Trainer's Guide - Book 1

    30 April 2012

    Book 1 is for cooperative trainers who run training courses for their fellow cooperative leaders and members on hazardous child labour as a basis for them taking action to eliminate such labour.

  10. Start and Improve Your Business - Global Tracer Study 2011

    15 April 2012

    This study traces the outreach of the "Start and Improve Your Business" (SIYB) programme and some other key achievements, including estimates of its impact. The report has been prepared for practitioners in enterprise development who want to use SIYB, as well as any other organization or individual engaged in entrepreneurship and management training.

  11. ILO and Cooperatives - COOP NEWS No. 1, 2012 (Newsletter)

    29 March 2012

    ILO and Cooperatives, Issue No. 1, 2012 This issue provides information on the launch of International Year of Cooperatives 2012, in countries around the world. It also provides information on COOP activities including the roll out of My.COOP - Managing your agricultural cooperative, as well as on-going work in the implementation of ILO's Recommendation 193 on the Promotion of Cooperatives particularly in the areas of integrating the teaching of cooperatives in school curricula, promoting gender equality in cooperatives, and research based advocacy on cooperatives. Updates on CoopAFRICA and information on a new projects social enterprise project South Africa and technical input related to youth employment and cooperatives is also included.

  12. Promoting Green Entrepreneurship. First lessons learned from the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) Kenya, 2010 and 2011

    28 March 2012

    This report presents YEF’s activities in the field of green entrepreneurship promotion in Kenya by outlining key achievements and practical examples from the years 2010 and 2011. The lessons learned from those experiences allow formulating recommendations for future activities.

  13. The Green Jobs Programme of the ILO

    15 March 2012

    The 21st century faces two defining challenges: The first is to avert dangerous climate change and a deterioration of natural resources which would seriously jeopardize the quality of life of present and future generations. The second is to deliver social development and decent work for all. Green jobs and the promotion of the green economy have become the key drivers for achieving an economic and social development that is also environmentally sustainable.

  14. Sustainable Enterprises - creating more and better jobs

    13 March 2012

    Developing sustainable enterprises: the ILO approach

  15. Boosting Local Economies

    13 March 2012

    The ILO approach to local economic development - Sustainable Enterprises

  16. The Social Economy

    13 March 2012

    The ILO approach to Social Economy - Sustainable Enterprises

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