1. SCORE Project Brochure

    16 June 2010

    Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises

  2. International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) Brief No. 1, 2010

    11 June 2010

  3. ILO and Cooperatives - COOP NEWS No. 2, 2010 (Newsletter)

    04 June 2010

  4. Gender Mainstreaming in Local Economic Development Strategies : A guide

    04 June 2010

  5. MDG-F; Youth, Employment and Migration Window comparative table

    01 June 2010

  6. The Sustainable Enterprise Programme : Strategic Framework

    27 May 2010

  7. Policy Brief: Resource Guide for Upgrading Informal Enterprises

    19 May 2010

  8. Policy Brief: Labour and Labour -Related Laws and MSEs – Resource Tool

    19 May 2010

  9. ILOs Value Chain Development Tools

    17 May 2010

  10. The impact of climate change on employment: transition management through social dialogue

    07 May 2010

    Case study on a social dialogue roundtable initiative established to fulfil and guarantee the compatibility of the objective of emissions reductions with those of social cohesion and economic development.

  11. Estimating green jobs in Bangladesh

    06 May 2010

    This report summarizes the main findings of a study on the scale and distribution of green employment in the economy of Bangladesh. It contributes to the ongoing work of the ‘Green Jobs Initiative’ in the country. A GHK report for the ILO

  12. Child labour in the Tanzania tobacco industry: An analysis of the value chain

    03 May 2010

  13. The promotion of respect for workers’ rights in the banking sector : current practice and future prospects

    07 April 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 26

  14. ILO List of Occupational Diseases (revised 2010)

    25 March 2010

    This new list of occupational diseases reflects the state-of-the-art development in the identification and recognition of occupational diseases in the world of today. It indicates clearly where prevention and protection should take place. This ILO list represents the latest worldwide consensus on diseases which are internationally accepted as caused by work. This list can serve as a model for the establishment, review and revision of national lists of occupational diseases. The world’s working population and their families will benefit from this new list.

  15. ILO and Cooperatives - COOP NEWS No. 1, 2010 (Newsletter)

    05 March 2010

  16. Study on green employment in China

    01 March 2010

    This research is conducted by the research team of Institute for Labor Studies, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. This study presents both the current situation and potential for green employment in China, as well as results of surveys conducted in eight companies in the power industry.

  17. International framework agreements and global social dialogue: Parameters and prospects

    09 February 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 47

  18. International framework agreements and global social dialogue : lessons from the Daimler case

    25 January 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 46

  19. COOP Africa - The hope for rural transformation : A rejuvenating cooperative movement in Rwanda

    04 January 2010

  20. Collective Bargaining: Negotiating for Social Justice. Proceedings of the High-level Tripartite Meeting on Collective Bargaining.

    02 January 2010

    This booklet contains the opening addresses by Ambassador Farani Azevedo (Chairperson of the ILO GB), Sir Roy Trotman (Worker Vice-Chairperson), Daniel Funes de Rioja (Employer Vice-Chairperson) and by Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO and a summary of the proceedings written by Prof. Thomas A. Kochan, Chairperson of the Meeting.