1. SCORE Indonesia Case Study: SCORE Training supports growth of a female run business

    07 March 2016

    How SCORE helped Maria Satiautri, Founder & CEO of SPA Factory Bali, to enhance the effectiveness of her organisation and lay the ground stones for future success

  2. Global Mapping of the Provision of Care through Cooperatives: Survey and Interview Findings

    03 March 2016

    Cooperatives are emerging as an innovative type of care provider, particularly in the absence of viable public or other private options.This report lists challenges and opportunities that cooperatives face in the care sector, highlighting resources that cooperatives need in order to be viable care providers, enterprises and employers.

  3. Women’s Entrepreneurship Development

    01 March 2016

    The ILO approach to Women’s Entrepreneurship Development - Sustainable Enterprises

  4. The motherhood pay gap: A review of the issues, theory and international evidence

    08 February 2016

  5. Guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all

    02 February 2016

    The Guidelines are both a policy framework and a practical tool to help countries at all levels of development manage the transition to low-carbon economies and can also help them achieve their INDCs and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Guidelines are designed to create decent work on a large scale and ensure that social protection exists where needed. They also include mechanisms for social dialogue among governments, workers and employers' organizations throughout policymaking processes at all levels.

  6. Action research for improving working conditions in Peru's wood-furniture sector: Scoping study

    18 January 2016

  7. Value chain analysis and competitiveness strategy: Marine Capture Fisheries

    15 January 2016

    Myeik and Yangon, Myanmar

  8. Value chain analysis and competitiveness strategy: Freshwater Capture Fisheries

    15 January 2016

    Pyapon, Myanmar


  1. Fragile states in Africa

    18 December 2015

  2. Selecting the road to more and better jobs

    17 December 2015

    Sector selection report of the road to jobs project in northern Afghanistan

  3. Value chain analysis and competitiveness strategy: Marine Capture Fisheries

    15 December 2015

    Myeik and Yangon, Myanmar

  4. Value chain analysis and competitiveness strategy: Freshwater Capture Fisheries

    15 December 2015

    Pyapon, Myanmar

  5. SCORE Indonesia Case Study: SCORE Training helps five companies win national productivity awards

    01 December 2015

    Five SCORE trained enterprises were honoured to receive 2015 PARAMAKARYA awards from President Joko Widodo at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta

  6. Access to Finance and Enterprise growth: Evidence from an experiment in Uganda

    30 November 2015

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 190

  7. Decent Jobs in a Safe Climate: ILO Solutions for Climate Action

    28 November 2015

    This brief provides a snapshot of selected ILO initiatives, successful practices, tools, instruments and policy guidelines that contribute to the advancement of both climate change and decent work agendas.

  8. A Guide to the Climate Change Negotiations for ILO Constituents

    23 November 2015

    This guide presents an overview of the institutional mechanisms and procedures of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), including the current negotiation streams, the expected outcomes of COP21 (to be held in Paris, France from 30 November to 11 December 2015) and other relevant information about the climate negotiation process.

  9. WP n° 62: Microfinance and Formalisation of Enterprises in the Informal Sector

    17 November 2015

    Microfinance and Formalization of Enterprises in the Informal Economy: Awareness raising campaign and BDS for the formalization and strengthening of growth-oriented enterprises ESAF A Qualitative Follow-up Study

  10. Green Business Booklet

    13 November 2015

    This Green Business Booklet has been developed under Start and Improve Your Business Programme of India, with the support of the Green Jobs Programme - Asia and the Pacific. It utilized ILO SIYB family of products as references and was completed by a task force.

  11. Know About Business in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt): Public-Private Partnership

    06 October 2015

    The ILO adapted its Know About Business (KAB) programme, which is a set of training materials for entrepreneurship education, to bridge the pre-start gap that students in the oPt face before entry to the labour market with information to develop entrepreneurial skills and prepare students and trainees not only to establish their own businesses, but also to work productively in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

  12. Know About Business (KAB) in Saudi Arabia: Public-Private Partnership

    06 October 2015

    The ILO entrepreneurship education programme, Know About Business (KAB), draws on ILO’s successful experience in the field. The KAB training methodology develops entrepreneurial competencies among young people and the particular knowledge needed for self-employment and the creation of micro and small enterprises. Since 2009, the KAB programme has been introduced into vocational, secondary and higher education in approximately 50 countries and translated into 22 languages. In the Arab region, the programme has successfully been implemented in Syria, Yemen, the occupied Palestinian territories, Oman, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.