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  1. Up-scaling Local Economic Development: Lessons from the Ghana Decent Work Programme 2011

    18 December 2012

    This case study presents and analyses the lessons learned from the Local Economic Development (LED) component of the Ghana Decent Work Programme (GDWP), particularly with regard to up-scaling and replication. It shows that LED can have sustainable impact at local and national levels alike. In the context of increasing decentralization the LED component fostered social dialogue at local level through the establishment of district-level Sub-committees on Productive and Gainful Employment (SPGEs); strengthened local businesses; and promoted extension of social protection for workers in the informal economy, among other initiatives. The LED component placed significant emphasis on economic sectors with a high share of working women.

  2. Boosting Local Economies

    13 March 2012

    The ILO approach to local economic development - Sustainable Enterprises

  3. Managing your agricultural cooperative, My.COOP

    01 February 2012

    Training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives


  1. Labour-oriented participation in municipalities

    01 December 2010

    While social dialogue at the national level (both sectoral or multi-sectoral) has recognized attributes, at the same time, there are local level issues related to labour which are difficult to capture at the national level. The Sectoral Activities Department of the ILO has published the working paper: “Labour-oriented participation in municipalities. How decentralized social dialogue can benefit the urban economy and its sectors”, which presents practices of local social dialogue. It also provides guidance for municipal actors to engage in local social dialogue with the aim of improving the situations of workers and companies in the municipality from the decent work perspective.

  2. The Enter-Growth Project Sri Lanka

    28 January 2010

    Applying a market development lens to an ILO local enterprise development project


  1. South and South-East Asia Conference on Local Economic Development

    17 June 2009

    Knowledge sharing and the way forward - Conference Report - 16/17 June 2009


  1. Reader Inter-Agency Conference on Local Economic Development

    24 October 2008

    @local.glob Global Thinking for Local Development - Issue No. 5 - Year 2008 - Special issue prepared and produced in conjunction with: ILO Local Economic Development (ILO/LED) in support of the Inter-Agency Conference on Local Economic Development 22-24 October 2008

  2. Palama - A bridge to a different way of working

    01 October 2008

    Case Study of the Palama Forum Theatre Project for Enterprise Culture Sri Lanka, 2005-2008

  3. Developing the Floriculture Sector In North-Western and North-Central Provinces

    01 May 2008

    Value Chain Development For more Competitiveness and Decent Work

  4. Local Economic Development in Polonnaruwa district, Sri Lanka

    01 April 2008

    A Case Study prepared by Carlien van Empel as part of the Good Practice LED Cases in South Asia uder the ROAP LED Product Line of 2007


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