The 2008 Reader - Private Sector Development: Measuring and Reporting Results

Eighth Annual BDS Seminar - Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 2007

Eighth Annual Seminar on Developing Service Markets and Value Chains - Chiang Mai, September 2007.

Thematically, sessions looked at: 1) value chain analysis: where are we now? which methodology to use, where?, 2)boosting agricultural marketing, both in general, and for specific crops, including cassava, fish, maize, cashews and coffee, 3)building other value chains (bamboo, tourism) in pro-poor ways, 4)growing service markets, for example in certification and training, 5)the latest developments in instruments for value chain financing, 6)current thinking in Private Sector Development globally, for example around reform of the business environment, 7)global scenarios for the next years, and how they will affect our work.