Project Proposal for Women's Entrepreneurship Development in Aceh (WED)

Logframe | 01 January 2007
This proposal to NZAID for an additional allocation of US$ 400,000 proposes to build on the lessons
learnt from phase 1 to:
1. Build the capacity of business development services providers (BDSPs) to better service
women entrepreneurs
2. Directly improve access to markets (marketing) for Acehnese women entrepreneurs
It is envisaged that at the end of the project, Aceh has an improved enabling environment for women
entrepreneurs and that through piloted initiatives a selected number of women entrepreneurs are
enabled to act upon new market opportunities. Capacity of key local partners will be built to take
forward this work. While demonstrating models for fostering growth in women’s enterprises, the ILO
will continue to engage relevant BRR units, in particular the