Publications of Approach to Inclusive Market Systems (AIMS) for Refugees and Host Communities

  1. Approach to Inclusive Market Systems

    Doing business in Dadaab, Kenya

    02 May 2019

  2. Análisis de sistemas de mercado

    Diagnóstico rápido de mercado y elección de cadenas de valor para la reinserción laboral de población refugiada en México

    01 April 2019

  3. Report

    Livelihoods for migrants and refugees in Brazil

    07 March 2019

  4. Rapport

    Analyse des systèmes de marchés au Niger

    07 March 2019

  5. Publication

    Market Systems Analysis for Syrian Refugees in Egypt

    12 November 2018

  6. Full report

    Market Systems Analysis for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

    06 August 2018

  7. Report

    Market Assessment and Value Chain Analysis for Former Refugees in Zambia

    06 August 2018

  8. Project documentation

    Market Systems Analysis in Zambia - summary report

    30 May 2018

    This market systems analysis elucidates the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Zambia and provides recommendations for Meheba and Mayukwayukwa regions to strengthen access of farmers to high-quality inputs, increase know-how on the use of these inputs and modern farming techniques, and facilitate improved access to markets.

  9. Project documentation

    Market Systems Analysis in Djibouti - summary report

    30 May 2018

    Djibouti currently hosts over 27.000 refugees and asylum seekers. The country’s new refugee law, promulgated on 5 January 2017, equips refugees with rights that place them on equal footing with citizens. Although this is a radical departure from the situation before 2017, the enforcement of the new refugee law will likely require further work. Without knowledge and information, refugees will miss out on opportunities created by the new legal framework. This market systems analysis investigates why refugees are currently not fully exploiting these opportunities and provides recommendations to enhance the positive effects of this new law.

  10. Project documentation

    Market Assessment in Cameroon - summary report

    30 May 2018

    The East, Adamaoua, and Northern regions of Cameroon have been most severely impacted by the successive crises in the Central African Republic (CAR) with large influxes of refugees, notable during 2004-2008 and 2014-2015. Despite the subsequently tremendous pressure on local resources, refugees and members of the host community maintain a peaceful coexistence. This paper flags the problems of refugees and asylum-seekers in the mais and groundnut sector and provides with recommendations to increase incomes and create additional employment in the target regions.