SIYB Business Game

Project document | 13 August 2010

1. About the ILO-SIYB Business Game

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Institute for Development Services (IDS, previously called Triple Trust Organization - TTO) in South Africa jointly developed this edition of the SIYB Game. The SIYB Game was developed based on TTO’s generic edition called The BEST (Business Expenses Savings Training) Game. The ILO has now introduced the SIYB Game worldwide to institutions supporting small enterprise development.

The SIYB Game is a major component and a training tool of the SIYB programme. It is a business simulation game that complements the SIYB training of potential and existing entrepreneurs. It thus assists participants understand the realities of starting and operating a successful business.

The Game has been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian and other languages. It is widely available to SIYB User Organizations for use within their training programmes.


The SIYB Game is a training tool that provides a “practical” experience of running a business inside a training room. It is designed to give seminar participants an opportunity to make the kinds of decisions – and deal with the consequences of those decisions – which they must make in the real business world. The Game thus simulates a real business environment.


The SIYB Game is a powerful training tool because it is:

  • Versatile: The Game can be used on its own as a single training tool and also within a training programme to reinforce the business concepts introduced during classroom-based training.
  • Flexible: It can be used to train potential and existing entrepreneurs at all levels. It is also suitable for SIYB participants who have limited business understanding.
  • Adaptable: It can be used to highlight the specific learning points.
  • Modular: It uses a step-by-step, modular approach. The Game’s learning points build incrementally on each other so that participants can move from the introductory to advanced business concepts with ease.
  • Unique: Each playing of the Game leads to new insights.
  • Time friendly: It can use it in two-hour time slots or for an entire-day, depending on the needs of the seminar participants.
  • Fun and educational: The real-life events in the Game make the participants enjoy playing it and learning a lot from it.

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