Events and meetings

May 2020

  1. Managing a just transition to environmentally sustainable economies and societies

    18 - 29 May 2020

    Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015 – whose preamble explicitly refers to the just transition – countries are striving to manage the transition to sustainable economies in a fair and productive way. Reconciling decarbonisation of the economy with social justice is not an easy task. While the greening of economies brings many opportunities to achieve social objectives, the required economic restructuring also presents enormous challenges for enterprises, workers and the economy at large.


    11 - 15 May 2020

    The international community is prepared to combat climate change and transition to a low-carbon future. It’s time for concrete action. In this course, participants learn how to support the transition to sustainable economies and societies, at the institutional and individual levels. Are you ready to play your part in the green transition? Join us for this dynamic and important course.

  3. Multinational enterprises, development and decent work: the approach of the MNE Declaration

    11 May - 5 June 2020

    This online course will look at how governments, enterprises and the social partners are encouraged to each put policies in place and engage with each other through dialogue to maximize the positive contribution of multinational enterprises to socio economic development and decent work.


    4 May - 10 July 2020

    The ILO Entrepreneurship Trainers Academy is the first Trainers Academy offering participants the possibility of becoming certified trainers in three key ILO entrepreneurship training packages. The Academy combines intense training of trainers on both content- and methodological issues, and cannot be missed by any trainer working for a public or private institution striving to make a real difference in the lives of new or existing entrepreneurs. It is based on the most recent versions of SIYB and GET Ahead and the newly launched Financial Education package.

April 2020

  1. Learning Webinar: Business, non-discrimination and gender equality in the time of COVID-19

    29 April 2020

  2. ILO COOP 100 Webinar II - Advancing gender equality through cooperatives

    27 April 2020

    On 27 April 2020, 13:30-15:00hrs the ILO will hold the second in a series of webinars as part of the Centenary of its Cooperatives Unit.

  3. Market-based livelihood interventions for refugees and host communities

    20 - 24 April 2020

    This training course supports practitioners working with refugee communities in the design of livelihood interventions based on a solid understanding of market trends and demand. It applies the "Making markets work for the poor" (M4P) approach and draws upon the experiences and lessons learnt from the ILO-UNHCR collaboration as well as from ILO projects implementing the approach in different countries.

  4. Training course on Market-based livelihood interventions for refugees and host communities

    20 - 24 April 2020

    Registrations are currently open

March 2020

  1. E-Discussion: Continuing online learning and skills development in times of the COVID-19 crisis

    27 March - 9 April 2020

    This discussion aims to share and discuss how to maintain continued learning and skills building for students and workers in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic which we all now face.

  2. ILO COOP Centenary Launch Webinar

    23 March 2020

    A webinar to launch the 100th Anniversary of the ILO's Cooperatives Unit will be held on the actual date when the decision to establish the Section of Co-operation was adopted during the third session of the ILO's Governing Body in 1920.


    9 - 13 March 2020

    This new course invites financial and non-financial actors to adopt a customer-centric approach to addressing various challenges of financial inclusion. The course will examine the business case for customer centricity as well as the process through which organizations can become more customer-centric, generating value for themselves as well as the customers they aim to serve.

January 2020

  1. Training Webinar: Employer-Supported Solutions for Childcare

    15 January 2020

December 2019

  1. The Future of Full Employment

    12 - 13 December 2019

    The Symposium, to be held 12-13 December 2019, will focus on the fundamental question of full employment - its definition and relevance, its implications for inclusive and greener economic growth, the conditions leading to it and the role it plays in helping those who are at risk of being left behind.

  2. The ILO and the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25

    2 - 13 December 2019

    The twenty-fifth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) organized by Chile, will be held in Madrid on 2-13 December 2019. The ILO will bring to the table the importance of the social and political drivers for a successful and rapid transition into more respectful economies, and will also be presenting the 'Climate Action for Jobs Initiative' an action plan resulted from the Climate Action Summit 2019.

November 2019

  1. GAIN Webinar 8: Decentralised Renewables: Powering Jobs Growth in Emerging Markets

    28 November 2019

    This GAIN Webinar will explore the linkages between skills and the Just Transition. Based on the recently presented ILO report Skills for a Greener Future, it will shed light on the need for skills development policies that allow countries to seize the employment opportunities and minimise the costs of the Just Transition.

  2. The SSE Momentum: Finance for Inclusion and the Future of Work

    18 - 20 November 2019

    This international conference will be organized by the ILO in Trento, Italy from 18 to 20 November 2019 to present the findings from two international research projects on the role of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) and social finance in shaping a future of work. The two projects are funded by the Government of France and the Government of Luxembourg.

October 2019

  1. ICS and VCCI partner to offer SCORE Training in Vietnam

    22 - 25 October 2019

    SCORE Training course on Workplace Cooperation and Health for ICS Members’ Suppliers, September 2019, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  2. International labour standards and corporate social responsibility: the labour dimension of human rights due diligence

    21 - 25 October 2019

    This five-day course aims to strengthen the capacity of participants to understand the principles of international labour standards as they relate to company operations (including due diligence related to labour rights) and how those principles can be most effectively implemented in company operations.

  3. The 11th Edition of the ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)

    14 - 18 October 2019

  4. Global Academy on the Green Economy

    14 - 18 October 2019

    The Global Academy on the Green Economy aims to solidify current knowledge and foster an exchange of practices in the transition to environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive economies. The Academy is implemented by the ITCILO in partnership with PAGE and will be held at the Turin Centre, Italy from 14-18 October 2019.