Information gathering on the MNE Declaration started in preparation for the report and special session on the MNE Declaration during the 17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting

Questionnaire | ILO Headquarters | 16 March 2020
At its 329th session (March 2017), the ILO Governing Body adopted a revised MNE Declaration text with two annexes. Annex I includes a list of ILO instruments and guidance documents relevant to the MNE Declaration; Annex II on operational tools includes a regional follow-up mechanism, promotion at the national level/promotion by tripartite appointed national focal points, promotion by the International Labour Office (technical assistance and information and guidance through the ILO Helpdesk for Business), company-union dialogue and the procedure for the examination of disputes concerning the application of the MNE Declaration.

The regional follow-up mechanism, which is linked to ILO Regional Meetings, includes a questionnaire to collect information directly from governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations in the ILO member States where the ILO Regional Meeting takes place.

The questionnaire will serve to collect country-level experiences on harnessing opportunities and addressing challenges related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and MNE activities for Decent Work, along the lines of the principles of the MNE Declaration. It will also serve to facilitate knowledge-sharing on this topic among the ILO tripartite constituents.

On the basis of the inputs received from governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations, the International Labour Office will prepare a report which will serve as the basis for a discussion by the tripartite delegates during the Regional Meeting.

In preparation of the 17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting, questionnaires are being sent by the International Labour Office directly and simultaneously to the Governments and Employers' and Workers' organizations of the participating ILO member States.

The indicated return date is  31 July 2020 to the following address: