Enterprise formalization: policies and practices

This course enhances the capacity of policy-makers and practitioners to formulate, implement and/or evaluate enterprise formalization measures through effective diagnostic analysis and better understanding of concepts and strategies for facilitating the transition of enterprises to the formal sector.

Who attends this course?

This course targets decision-makers and practitioners supporting initiatives geared towards the formalization of enterprises and SME development, which extends to governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, businesses, as well as business development service providers.

What will I learn?

The course draws on a wealth of policy experience and evidence from country practices and research, covers theoretical and practical dimensions of business formalization, with topics including
  • Measuring and understanding informality
  • ILO Recommendation 204
  • Strategies to simplify registration and compliance
  • Incentives to enterprise formalization
  • The role of finance in driving formalization
  • Business development services
  • Extending protection to workers and enterprises in the informal economy
  • Integrated and innovative local strategies

What will I be able to do?

The course aims at enhancing your capacity to formulate, implement and/or evaluate enterprise formalization strategies. By participating this training you are anticipated to be able to:
  • Diagnose enterprise informality, its scale, drivers, and impacts
  • Design strategies to facilitate business formalization in your context
  • Support decent work in the informal economy
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