The aim of this course is to create a space in which consulting and training professionals (working primarily in development, and specifically in the micro and small-enterprise development sector) can learn how to improve the performance of their companies, firms or departments dealing with consultancy and training. They will be able to upgrade their professional standards and practices, and prepare a strategy for improving the sustainability of the unit they are managing.

This course draws on ILO practices and experience accumulated through the organization's global engagement in management and small-business development. It is practical in nature, providing real tools and insights, and drawing out the wisdom and experience already gained by members of the group. As a management course, it is designed not just to convey technical topics, but to broaden participants' perspectives, management potential and resource base. As a practical course, it will focus on applying course content to participants' actual challenges and opportunities in order to improve the performance of their companies or units. The course will also assist managers in identifying areas they would like to explore in more detail in the future.

Who attends this course?

The course targets a wide audience of professionals:
  • new entrants to the consulting profession;
  • independent management consultants or MSMEs;
  • consulting departments of development institutes;
  • internal consultants of commercial companies;
  • trainers and management consultants and experts;
  • managers engaged in consulting activities.
  • Professionals involved in development consulting or managing a consulting business will find the course highly beneficial and helpful in upgrading their business management skills.

What will I learn?

The course has four specific objectives:
  • To broaden understanding of the various functions that contribute to the successful performance of the company
  • To supply a portfolio of tools that can assist managers to strengthen the performance of their unit or company
  • To stimulate the sharing of experiences and strategies for meeting current challenges.
  • To expose managers to management experiences from other parts of the world and inspire more innovative thinking about what might be possible the local environment.
  • Download the course draft timetable and check back regularly for the most updated version. 

What will I be able to do?

By the end of the programme you will have strengthened your managerial capacity to improve the functioning of the consulting firm you are managing or consulting and training department under your supervision.
You will be in a position to better develop and market competitive services and products, retain staff and clients, manage healthy growth, and enhance productivity and efficiency.
You will become a better manager of your business and identify areas that you would like to explore in the future.
Why this course?
Often trainers and consultants are on the run, actively engaged in delivery of the assignments, implementing projects and tasks, alone or with team members, rarely dedicating time to focus on thinking through the company’s strategy and management in order to improve, grow and achieve better results. This course provides with such an opportunity. It will help trainers, consultants, and managers to upgrade their professional standards and practices and prepare a strategy for improved sustainability of the company or the unit they are managing.

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