CSR Roundtable - Promoting Responsible Investment

The annual CSR Roundtable is a joint initiative co-organized by the ILO, UNCTAD and OECD, that this year was hosted by the ILO. The Roundtable brings together CSR experts from international organizations, development agencies, Governments representatives as well as leading academics and is aimed at promoting policy coherence among the international organizations. This year’s theme is “Promoting Responsible Investment”.

Portfolio investors have been, since two decades, increasingly engaged in ‘responsible investment’ activities, committed, in their shareholder position, in encouraging companies to adopt CSR policies.

Also Governments seem to be increasingly interested in the topic of responsible investment, both in attracting responsible investment to their countries and in promoting more responsible operations of their home country investors abroad.

The Agenda of the Roundtable focused on two topics, the first one being “Capital Markets and Portfolio Investment”, while the second “Responsible Investment”. Particularly, in the first session, experts explained how their respective organizations work with capital markets and policy makers to promote CSR issues. In the second part, participants explored efforts that encourage governments to adopt policies aimed at scaling-up and incentivizing good CSR practices through international investment agreements, investment promotion and other policy initiatives.

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The roundtable is intended to provide an opportunity for international organizations to share experiences and identify ways for the alignment of their activities and for collaboration, offering at the same time to member States a ‘one stop shop’ for discussing CSR issues with relevant experts from international organizations.
For more information, visit the Roundtable’s website:www.csrroundtable.org


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