About the department

Promoting sustainable enterprises is about strengthening the institutions and governance systems which nurture enterprises – strong and efficient markets need strong and effective institutions. It is also about ensuring that human, financial and natural resources are combined equitably and efficiently in order to achieve innovation and enhanced productivity. This calls for new forms of cooperation between government, business, labour and society at large to ensure that the quality of present and future life and employment is maximized whilst safeguarding the sustainability of the planet. The ILO’s Sustainable Enterprise Development Programme is a core element of the Global Employment Agenda which, as the employment pillar of the Decent Work Agenda, provides guidance for the attainment of full and productive employment and Decent Work for all.

The Programme is specifically guided by the Conclusions of the International Labour Conference discussion on the “The Promotion 0f Sustainable Enterprises” (2007).

In addition to the broad range of instruments of the International Labour Organization, the following instruments provide specific guidance for the programme;

Through the Sustainable Enterprise Development programme, the ILO is contributing to UN reforms through its enterprise development programmes, tried and tested tools, strengthened representation and voice, attention to job quality, and livelihoods that can be incorporated into the “delivering as one” UN strategy.