Contact list

Contacts at the ILO's Multinational Enterprises and Enterprise Engagement Unit (ILO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland)

Githa Roelans - Head of Unit
Emily Sims - Senior Specialist and Manager ILO Helpdesk for Business
Yukiko Arai - Specialist and Coordinator of the ILO Global Network of MNE Declaration Focal-points
Josée Laporte- Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist 
Annie Van Klaveren - Technical Officer
Amelie Duval - Technical Officer 
Benedetta Nobile  -  Junior Technical Officer (JPO)
Irina Akimova - Administrative Assistant

Contacts at the International Training Center of the ILO (Turin, Italy)

Ralf Krüger, Manager of the Sustainable Development Programme (SDP)
Karl Pfeffer, Programme Officer

ILO Global Network of MNE Declaration Focal Points (MNED Network)