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Global Employment Trends for Women, Brief, March 2007

Type: Report
Date issued: 07 March 2007
Reference: 978-92-2-120136-6[ISBN]
Authors: Employment Trends, ILO

Focuses on whether the tendency towards increased women’s participation in labour markets has continued more recently and whether women have found enough decent and productive jobs to really enable them to use their potential in the labour market and achieve economic independence. Based on updates and analysis of a number of major labour market indicators, including: labour force participation; unemployment; sector and status of employment; wages/earnings; and education and skills. Covers the period 1996-2006.

Tags: employment, labour force participation, unemployment, women workers, working poor, economic growth, economic recession, developed countries, developing countries

Regions and countries covered: Global

Unit responsible: Employment Trends (EMP/TRENDS)

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Global Employment Trends for Women, Brief, March 2007


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