Programmes and projects


  1. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

    A multi-functional research tool of the ILO consisting of country-level data on 18 key indicators of the labour market from 1980 to the latest available year.


  1. The ILO/World Bank Inventory of policy responses to the global financial and economic crisis of 2008

    A database of policy tools implemented during the crisis and analytical reports presenting some of the results.


  1. Project for the support of employment promotion and poverty reduction (APERP II)

    A technical cooperation project financed by the French Government for countries of French-speaking Africa and the Union for the Mediterranean

  2. Estimates and projections of labour market indicators

    Activities associated with the design and maintenance of econometric models that are used to produce estimates of labour market indicators in the countries and years for which no real data exist.

  3. Global Employment Trends and related reports

    A series of reports that analyse global and regional economic and labour market developments based on the most recently available data.


  1. Country support for strengthening national capacity in the area of LMIA

    Technical support to countries in building their LMIA systems, both through specific interventions and through more comprehensive approaches including dedicated projects or project components.

  2. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) employment indicators

    Activities that entail raising awareness of the MDG employment-related indicators and offering country-level support to ensure that the indicators are used in national and international labour market monitoring systems.