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ILO Yellow Pages

Within the context of the Office's knowledge-sharing strategy, an IT tool called "Yellow Pages" has been developed to assist ILO staff to share with colleagues information about their skills, technical expertise, country experience and other relevant information. This is a user-friendly application on the ILO intranet. This tool will also contribute to the skills-mapping exercise being undertaken by HRD as part of the human resources strategy.

ILO staff participate in some form of informal knowledge-sharing on a day-to-day basis. However, knowledge-sharing in a more structured way is fairly recent within the ILO. One of the key lessons learned from the experience of other organizations is that the creation of an organization-wide approach is critical to embed knowledge-sharing into the day-to-day realities of our work.

People are the most important element of knowledge-sharing. Peer-to-peer learning has proven to be much more effective than more traditional forms of communication. The Yellow Pages allow ILO staff to share experiences and expertise as widely as possible through direct contact with each other.

last update: 20.03.2014