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Judgment No. 4249


The complaints are dismissed, as are the applications to intervene.


The complainants contest the implementation of the 2013 comprehensive local salary survey for New Delhi, India.

Judgment keywords


material injury; general service category; salary; complaint dismissed

Consideration 5


It is unnecessary for the Tribunal to address all the arguments raised by the parties or to embark on an analysis of the methodology and associated issues attending the 2013 survey. That is because the complainants, in substance, succeeded in their challenge to the decision taken on or about 30 October 2014 to implement the results of the 2013 local salary survey[.]


cause of action; salary

Consideration 8


A number of individuals applied to intervene in these proceedings. As the proceedings have been unsuccessful, the applications to intervene should be dismissed.


intervention; intervention by an individual not admitted; interveners

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