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Judgment No. 4163


1. The decision of 23 December 2016 and the implied decision rejecting the complainant’s request for review are set aside.
2. UNIDO shall pay the complainant 4,000 euros in costs.
3. All other claims are dismissed.


The complainant challenges the decision not to process his request for the reclassification of his post on the ground that he had separated from the Organization.

Judgment keywords


complaint allowed; decision quashed; former official; reclassification

Consideration 4


[T]he complainant relies on Judgment 2658. For relevant purposes, that judgment affirms the principle that a request for the reclassification of a position of a staff member while the person was a member of staff can be pursued after and notwithstanding that the person had separated from the organization. In its pleas, UNIDO seeks to distinguish that judgment having regard to the differing facts in this case. However, the points of distinction have no bearing on the applicability of the principle just discussed.


Jugement(s) TAOIT: 2658


receivability of the complaint; former official; reclassification

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